Posted on Apr 12, 2021

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Texas Child Day Care Accidents and Abuse Claims - Texas Injury Lawyers
Leaving your child in the care of another person or organization is frightening, and rightly so. Accidents in daycare centers happen every day. Sometimes the accidents are truly unavoidable and other times they are due to negligence on the caretaker's part. Unfortunately, there are also unspeakable and horrific acts of child abuse that occur at daycare centers.
Child daycare accidents and abuse claims are not uncommon. Sadly, they are a very real part of the world we live in. When something happens to your child it is truly devastating and it can leave you feeling powerless and completely helpless. While nothing anyone can do will undo the damage that has been done to your child, physically, mentally, or emotionally, you can at least take comfort in the fact that someone is going to be held culpable for the harm that has been done.
There are many emotions that parents of children who have been injured or abused while at a daycare center go through. The most common is anger, followed by guilt for having left your child there. Fortunately, this is not something that you need to go through alone. Our law firm has attorneys who are more than capable of helping you get the compensation you and your child deserve.
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