Posted on Feb 10, 2020

Carabin & Shaw P.C.

When you’ve been injured, the pain of recovery and mounting expenses can quickly become stressful. While hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer can seem like another daunting task to add to a full schedule, it’s a necessary step towards your recovery. Hiring a lawyer for the first time is an uncertain process—how do you know how to choose the right lawyer for you? Follow some of these tips to help choose the right personal injury lawyer for you:

Look for Experience

The only way for most lawyers to gain trial experience is by trying cases. When you are choosing your lawyer, make sure that he or she has several years of experience actually taking cases to trial. Hiring a lawyer who is not prepared to handle your case in the event it goes to trial can be devastating to your case.

Know Who Is Handling Your Case

All too frequently, firms send an ace lawyer to speak with you during your consultation, only to put an inexperienced lawyer on your actual case. Make sure you ask the lawyer with whom you consult will personally be handling your case. Otherwise, regardless of assurances, you can’t be sure how skilled and competent the lawyer doing your casework actually is.
Clearly Discuss Fees
With expenses already draining your finances, make sure you know the lawyer’s fee
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