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Spectacular waterways are best enjoyed while boating through our rivers and lakes. Accidents can occur, however, and in the majority of cases boating accidents are caused by operator inexperience or negligence.

Has a boating accident left you severely injured? Our experienced boating accident la...

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Carabin Shaw & Wyatt Law Firm Donate $100,000 to Provide $50 Gift Cards for Convalescent Plasma Eligible Donors
Jamie Shaw and Paula Wyatt attended a press conference today along with Mayor Nirenberg, South Texas Blood and Tissue Center representatives, past convalescent donors and donor recipien...

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Snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles are used extensively in some areas for both work and pleasure. These recreational vehicles operate in all types of conditions, ranging from steep hills to rocky straights. Unfortunately, like all vehicles, snowmobiles and ATVs can be dangerous when poorly desi...

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When a person is injured or disabled by the carelessness or negligence of property owners, certain legal principles are at issue. The owners of properties such as office buildings, apartment complexes, grocery stores and private homes are required to adhere to a specific duty of care and maintena...

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Motorcycle riders traveling on busy Texas streets or highways are especially vulnerable to accidents and injuries due to their lack of impact protection and problems being seen by car and truck drivers. Motorcycle riders face accidents of all types due to a lapse of attention, intoxication, or ne...

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Cars traveling on busy Texas streets or highways run the risk of being side swiped by large semi-trucks. These accidents can occur when a 18 wheeler driver drifts into the lane of a car or makes an improper turn cutting off the lane of a car. This is often due to a lack of attention, intoxication...

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When do you need a motorcycle accident lawyer?
As a motorcyclist, you understand that the physics and science of being on a motorcycle make your crash different than a regular car accident. That’s why it’s so important to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer if you’ve been in a crash because they kn...

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11 months ago
Jamie Shaw has the biggest heart a person can have. The kindest most caring wonderful type of man that the community so desperately needs and has. We are grateful here at South Central Cougars and what he has done for the many in our organization. I strongly recommend Carabin & Shaw for your auto accident injury needs. They are THE best, they care about their clients, the community. Cannot thank them enough. Go sign up with Carabin & Shaw, tell them the South Central Cougars sent you! 😊❤️
- South C
4 months ago
🙏 So thankful to Carabin Shaw. Ambitious, compassionate & honest Super Lawyers! Carabin Shaw and their awesome staff worked tirelessly to ensure I received a just settlement. I will never forget their hard work and dedication on my behalf. I cannot thank Carabin Shaw enough. Made a huge difference in my life; with their help I was able to pick up the pieces & move forward. In these difficult times they help make life a little bit easier.
- Annabella P
a month ago
I hired Carabin and Shaw I was a bit nervous on hiring a law firm well known let me say I was not disappointed at all from the moment I made the first call the office always made me feel informed Joseph always returns calls if he was busy he made sure to get a message to me that as soon as he had a moment he would reach out to me I was satisfied with the outcome and the whole process I I high recommend This firm especially if you have no idea what you are doing cause they will make sure u know what is going on Thank You Carabin And Shaw
- Jesus D

Personal Injury Lawyers in San Antonio

The Best Personal Injury Attorneys in San Antonio

Carabin & Shaw P.C. 

Have you or a loved one been the victim of an accident in San Antonio because of someone else’s neglectful actions? Maybe you have been searching for a “personal injury lawyer near me.” Last year, there were more than 600,000 reported car crashes in the state of Texas with more than a quarter-million resulting in injuries. A lot of the people involved in those accidents were just driving along and minding their own business when another car or even a semi-truck came out of nowhere and slammed into them, changing their lives forever. Others were just walking to their destination and got hit by a car while crossing the street because the person who was driving the car thought that it was a good idea to text while operating a heavy vehicle that can easily hurt or even kill someone. Whether your accident was very much like these examples or happened in a different way, the most important thing to do is to get legal advice from experienced San Antonio personal injury lawyer. At Carabin & Shaw P.C., we are proud to represent our San Antonio clients with the aggressive tactics that get insurance companies to settle in their favor. If you have been in a car accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, truck accident, construction accident, or any other type of accident where you suffered injuries because of the negligent actions of another person, Texas law clearly states that you are entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. 

Do I really need a personal injury lawyer? 

The number of accidents that occur on a daily basis in and around San Antonio is daunting. The injuries that the victims of these accidents suffer can be as minor as a few scratches or as major as something that will have lifelong effects and even prevent them from going back to work; unfortunately, some of these crashes even result in fatalities. We have been through this so many times with our clients that we know very well that your medical bills will start to pile up as you recover. Some people who find themselves in this situation even end up losing their family home because of all the debt that suddenly comes crashing down on them; this is a very sad situation that should not have to happen to you. It is very important that you consult an experienced San Antonio injury lawyer. Unfortunately, there are people in such a situation who fail to contact a lawyer for legal advice and representation. You might find yourself asking whether you actually need a lawyer. Of course, the answer is a resounding yes! At Carabin & Shaw P.C., we will be happy to fight the insurance company for every single penny that you deserve; here are a few reasons to let us help you with your case: 

1. Experience matters more than you might think  

It is probably very obvious that the person who is responsible for your accident is at fault and their insurance company should pay for your suffering, medical bills, and other factors, but if you think that they will deal with you on friendly terms you have another thing coming. Insurance companies are businesses that only care about profit. They have a legal team that will bend the law any which way that they can in order to avoid having to pay you anything at all. You need an experienced car accident lawyer who will be as aggressive with the insurance company as the situation requires.  

2. Our “No Win No Fee” policy 

Our “no win no fee” guarantee ensures that we will work as diligently as we have to in order to obtain the biggest settlement that the law will allow for your particular injuries and suffering, or you won’t have to pay anything for our legal services. We are your ideal choice for a motorcycle accident lawyer in San Antonio.  

3. We take care of all the hassles  

Filing a lawsuit against an insurance company and other liable parties is a big hassle for someone without the proper experience or legal know-how to do. We are San Antonio truck accident lawyers with extensive experience in court and will take care of all the minor details that come with any lawsuit. Not hiring true professionals can cost you your case and the settlement that you deserve.  

4. We will negotiate in your favor  

In most personal injury claims, the insurance company will usually negotiate because it is not in their interest to take the case as far as a trial. Going to trial is not good for anyone involved because it will cost a lot of money and take a long time. The insurance company knows this but will still drag its heels to negotiate in their favor. We are San Antonio injury lawyers who know how to negotiate aggressively to get you a settlement that favors you. 

5. You have to fight fire with fire!  

The liable party’s insurance company is used to getting sued, they all are! That is one of the reasons why they invest a lot of money in their legal department. You have to understand that their goal is to pay you as little as they can possibly get away with, or even nothing at all if they can pull those strings. You absolutely need an experienced injury lawyer in San Antonio to look out for your interests because he or she will know exactly how to handle the insurance company’s lawyers and put them in their place.  

6. You will get a higher settlement  

Be wary if you are approached by the insurance company’s lawyers before you have even spoken to us about your case. We have seen cases where an insurance company lawyer approaches a personal injury victim with an offer that might seem acceptable to them and they accept it without even suspecting that they are being robbed blind by the greedy insurance company. At Carabin & Shaw P.C., we are San Antonio car accident lawyers who will fully analyze your case to determine what you are entitled to under Texas law and we will not accept any settlement that is not in your favor.  

7. Better trial results  

Negotiations are never easy with insurance companies since there are legal tricks that they always resort to in order to avoid paying. Although most insurance companies do eventually settle, sometimes there is no way to avoid going to trial. If that should happen, we will be by your side and our years of experience will ensure that you get much better results than you would with inexperienced injury lawyers in San Antonio.  

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